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We provide specialized surgical interventions across multiple disciplines, encompassing neurosurgery and orthopedics. Our clinical endeavors have consistently demonstrated efficacy in managing intricate medical conditions, underscored by favorable patient prognoses and testimonials. Our commitment revolves around delivering superior healthcare services, aimed at facilitating patients’ attainment of peak wellness and rehabilitation.

Surgical Techniques:

  • All Brain and Spinal Surgeries.
  • Cartilage Surgeries.
  • Vertebrae Fixation Operations.
  • Pituitary Gland Operations.
  • Brain and Spinal Tumor Surgeries.
  • Skull Fracture Surgeries.
  • Brain Valve Surgeries.
  • Diagnostic and Therapeutic Brain Catheterization.
  • Arterial Expansion Surgeries.
  • Evacuation of Hematomas.

Surgical Techniques:

  • Navigational Brain and Spinal Surgeries.
  • Microscopic Surgery.
  • Endoscopic Surgery.
  • Laser Surgery.
  • Thermal Frequency.
  • Local Injections.

Why Patients Choose Our Hospital Over Others

Patients choose DR/Yuosry EL Hemily over others due to our expert medical team, state-of-the-art facilities, and personalized care approach. With comprehensive services tailored to individual needs, we prioritize patient satisfaction and comfort, ensuring a supportive environment throughout their treatment journey.

Specialized Medical Team:

Our team of experienced doctors and surgeons specialize in various fields of surgery to ensure the highest level of healthcare.

Quality and Safety:

We are committed to delivering high-quality services and adhering to high health standards to ensure patient safety at every step of the treatment process.

Advanced Technology:

We utilize the latest technologies and medical equipment to deliver surgical services with the highest standards of quality and efficiency.


We're a Cohesive Team of Surgical Specialists​

Each of us specializes in specific surgical disciplines, ensuring comprehensive and tailored care to meet every patient's needs. We welcome innovative ideas and collaboration opportunities, dedicated to delivering constructive and thorough surgical solutions!


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